About Us

Change Lives - Provide Safe Water
Can you imagine your life without clean water to drink? For millions of people, it's a daily reality as water is life. We believe everyone deserves access to clean water for drinking, washing, cooking, and cleaning. Access to safe and clean drinking water is the basic necessity to life.

Our Vision
We aim to deliver sustainable and scalable products and services so that every person, no matter their location, has access to clean, safe water.

Seeing healthy people with big smiles on their faces will be universal.

The Smart Way To Sip
Filling up water from a creek, spring, or well is no longer a problem now, as the Self-Filtering Water Bottle provides water disinfection protection and peace of mind.

At VestigeX, we provide beautiful yet simple and functional water filter products that provide protection from unsafe water, with better technology and a better filtration process. We are committed to developing more innovative, long-term, and effective solutions to provide clean and pure water for people.

We aim to work with many communities around the world to educate and address the issues of water, sanitation, and health. As well as this, we will work to provide impoverished communities with clean and safe water.

Our Future Goal
VestigeX is growing quickly and is working on some exciting products and services. They will be simple, all-natural, authentic, and more sustainable so we can continue to bring you refreshing water.

Enjoy great-tasting water no matter where you are!